Anna Gordon
has been re-elected to the Roseland Board of Education

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Gordon says:
Anna with her husband, Jack, and children,  Sonya
in 3rd Grade and Lev in 2nd Grade at Noecker

Dear Roseland supporters, volunteers and voters:
I want to recognize everyone's efforts and express my profound gratitude for your help and involvement. I am deeply humbled by your support and excited to move forward as a unified Roseland community to ensure balance and continuity of vision for Noecker. It is because of your efforts that the Roseland Board of Education election results were what we hoped for.  Thank you again!

My Goals for a Successful Partnership between the Board and Noecker Parents:
  • Complete transparency of the Board's actions
  • Optimal use of our​ taxes
  • Increased community involvement 
  • Convenient and timely communications
  • Real and meaningful connection between parents and the administration

You made the right choice by voting for Anna Gordon for the Roseland Board of Education.

Optimal Use of our Taxes

Increased Community Involvement

Anna Gordon makes every effort  to involve the community in key decision-making. Most recently, parents and teachers were able to participate in the interviewing process for the new Superintendent. Read more
With prudent use of tax dollars, the Board was able to save Roseland residents over a million dollars by keeping special needs students within the district, by smart personnel decisions and by refinancing  a long-term bond.   Read more

The Best Education for our Children


Anna listens: she heard your concerns about the lack of transparency and she acted!  Anna spearheaded regular email blasts with important updates, championed full Board agendas in advance, and she restructured the public comment section at Board meetings so that you can be heard! This is just the beginning!   Read more
Through initiatives like cutting-edge professional development for our teachers, Balanced Literacy, 1-2-1 technology available for K-6, STEAM integration and the Makerspace Lab,  Noecker continues to provide the best possible education to our children with Anna's leadership on the Board . Read more